Why schedule GREEN photos for my home?

If you’re trying to sell your home but can’t find one to buy you’re probably thinking we’ll wait until winter. I want to keep you from making a big mistake and help you capitalize on a HUGE opportunity. Inventory is tight so most people are keeping their searches on autopilot and not thinking about getting their current home ready for sale. That’s where your opportunity comes in. When inventory open up in November and December, most homes exteriors will look incredibly uninviting. Everything will be brown and leaves will be gone and there might even be snow on the ground. Those photos have lost the online beauty contest, but that’s where you’re going to win it here’s how:

  • Today more than ever, it’s about making the strongest first impression online.
  • You have a split second to catch a buyers eye, keep and make them fall in love.
  • Homes look 100% better in summer when the trees are full and flowers are in bloom.

Does that mean it’s time to start snapping pictures with your phone? NO, because what REALLY wins the online beauty contest is summer photos taken by a professional Real Estate Photographer that knows how to make buyers fall in love with your home.

A Summer Photo session is absolutely FREE

Now, when you find your next dream home, BAME, you’re ready to sell with beautiful inviting summer photos. While every other seller is stuck with dreary winter photos, yours will look lush, alive and enticing.